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Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego funduszu rozwoju regionalnego oraz z budżetu Panstwa w ramach Wielkopolskiego regionalnego programu operacyjnego na lata 2007-2013

Całkowita wartość inwestycji
764 676,78 zł
Koszt dofinansowanie z Europejskiego funduszu rozwoju regionalnego 350 312,35 zł

Beneficjent Grupa Content sp. z o.o.
Desinging the Visual Identification Systems

The image, picture, face, identity, identification system… this notion describes many words and concepts. In international contacts the most comprehensible is the CI abbreviation that stands for the English Corporate Identity. The CONTENT Group, as one of the first, started using its Polish counterpart – a Whole Identification (Całościowa Identyfikacja).

The system of the Whole Identification is nothing more than an arranged system of information about a company – starting from a trademark and logo, to the standards of personnel behavior – all of which are used to internal integration of the company and its distinguishing on the market. The company speaks about itself through the system of CI. The CI informs, persuades and attracts attention. CI is the look, the way of operation and the offer. CI is simply an individual style for a company. The list of information that one can communicate through CI will never close. However, the aim we strive for, doesn’t change.

The building of CI system is a continuous process. It can be divided into five stages that are:

• AUDIT – the analysis of the up-to-date image,
• STRATEGY – the idea creating,
• DESIGNING – the task solution,
• IMPLEMENTING – managing the process and modeling works,
• PRODUCTION – the task completion.

Content Group accompanies its customers in each of these stages, cooperating with people responsible for marketing, promotion, internal organization and public relations.

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