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Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego funduszu rozwoju regionalnego oraz z budżetu Panstwa w ramach Wielkopolskiego regionalnego programu operacyjnego na lata 2007-2013

Całkowita wartość inwestycji
764 676,78 zł
Koszt dofinansowanie z Europejskiego funduszu rozwoju regionalnego 350 312,35 zł

Beneficjent Grupa Content sp. z o.o.
About the company

The CONTENT Group helps its contractors to solve any problems concerning the visual identification – starting from the global designing of the Visual Identification Systems, through their implementing, tuning or creating adaptation to the general specifications of the local realities, all the way to designing, producing, assembling and servicing of single branding elements.

Thanks to creativity, high quality of services and wide range of products, broad experience, qualified personnel and, above all, care to satisfy the needs of its customer, the CONTENT Group gained a great deal of recognition among its contractors in the whole country.

We provide a complex service of companies, starting from the needs analysis, through the graphic designing, planning, choosing the system and technology, all the way to producing the advertising elements, their assembly and service.

We believe that analysis of presented materials or detailed presentation of our offer will let you decide to undertake a collaboration that will be mutually advantageous.

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