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The History

The company has been on the market since the early 90s. At first, under the name of CONTENT, it handled the large-size and outdoor advertising. Thanks to many successful projects it gained a significant position, mainly in the local market. The late 90s are the time of the first important realizations (CASTORAMA, TTW).

In 2000, after a substantial capital investment and changing its law form to a company, the firm changed its name to the “CONTENT Group”. Shorty after, it widened its offer to designing, adaptation and implementing the Visual Identification Systems and, in the production process, using new technologies that entered the adverting industry and providing and assembly of Visual Identification Systems on the basis of products of acknowledged manufacturers.

In the recent years, thanks to its experience, the Company managed to specialize in handling multi-department companies in the whole country (mainly banks), in the area of adaptations of branding its branches according to the Polish realities (measures, accessible materials, cost optimizing) assembly and service of given branding elements in nonstandard, new solutions.
Moreover, the close relationship to the 3M company is worth noticing, both in the area of used materials and common projects.


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